Throughout the year, Children of Light hosts a variety of special events made possible by our volunteers.  These events bring communities together to fundraise for our cause.

Alongside fundraising, special events are hosted in order to fulfill our vision; to channel human creativity for the greater good. Our special events are an opportunity for members of our community to creatively collaborate, as volunteers are encouraged to share and express their talents and passions.

Our volunteer team is comprised of a wide range of talented individuals, which include:  photographers, DJ’s, caterers, bartenders, graphic designers, event coordinators, drummers, musicians, dancers, artists, and many more.

Want to Volunteer?

Children of Light aims to gather passionate people who are dedicated to reducing childhood poverty. We encourage you to get well acquainted with our cause, mission, and programs.  If you share our vision and our core values, consider volunteering at our next event. Simply fill out the application below so that we can get to know a bit about you. We will contact you when the next volunteer opportunity is available.

Volunteer in Canada Application