Children of Light would like to welcome home our volunteers who dedicated their summer to volunteering in Gambo, Ethiopia. During the months of July and August, a total of nine volunteers taught English in the community of Gamb. Our primary goal with the English program is to assist in preparing the students of Gambo to pass the English proficiency exam, so that they may continue in their studies.

Children of Light extends an immense amount of gratitude to all the volunteers who shared their energy, time, resources and talents with the community of Gambo.  The program has grown considerably this year with the efforts of our passionate and dedicated volunteers.  We thank all of those who took on new leadership roles, contributing to the effectiveness and growth of the program.  As a community we are looking forward to further developing the English program, building curriculum, and bringing more attention to the elementary level students.

A special thank you to our volunteers who travelled to Gambo this year:  Christine Gennara, Sam Savoia, Michelle DiMillo, Natalie Calabretta, Kamran Chowdhury, Michael Colacci, Ben Papakyriakou, Star Deak, and Richard Buttle.  In the future we are aiming to have a greater presence in the community of Gambo, collaborating year round, with the Gambo School, teachers and community.  We are excited about the collaboration of ideas and experiences in order to most effectively serve the community of Gambo.