With your help we can create the groundwork needed to break the cycle of poverty.

Beginning in grade nine, students of Gambo must travel to a neighbouring city to study. Students are expected to pay for housing, tuition, textbooks, and other basic needs.  Our education fund goes directly to sponsoring childhood education. Sponsoring a child for a year will assist in the purchasing of textbooks, rent, transportation, tuition, and other student fees.

Support a Student

We believe that if global poverty is to be minimized, the conditions for an adequate education must be cultivated.
By adopting a student, you can help us ensure that the children of Gambo have access to a high school education, enhancing their opportunities for a brighter future.

To adopt a student, a minimum $220 annual donation is required. Financial assistance will be distributed to students on a monthly basis, and we guarantee that 100% of your donation will reach students in need.

Example Payment Options:
$220 one time payment.
$20 monthly donation for 11 months.

*you may customize payment options on our donation page.
*tax receipts will be provided.

One Time Donation

If you are unable to commit to adopting a student, you are still encouraged to make a donation towards the student sponsorship fund. Any donation to the family sponsorship fund will be solely used to provide financial assistance to our students.