Our dream is to educate children, to build knowledge and create opportunity.

Workshops and Guest Speaking

Children of Light works to raise awareness on global issues such as poverty and social inequality. We recognize the importance of educating youth internationally, as a result we work within schools in the Toronto area facilitating workshops and guest speaking.

Workshops for Social Justice and Change

Children of Light facilitates interactive workshops in both elementary and high schools.  Our workshops call students to reflect on what it means to become active, aware and engaged citizens, encouraging local youth to become part of our global community.  Various activities are included throughout the workshops, focusing on the creative arts, group discussions, and personal reflections.  A space is created where students are able to envision unique ways of becoming more involved in both local and international communities.

Our curriculum is built upon our seven core values: global citizenship, service and community, awareness and education, inspiring possibility, back to basics activism, commitment and courage, and transparency.

Workshops are specifically tailored to meet the various needs of the school and class.  It is encouraged that workshops are geared towards planning a school-based fundraiser in support of Children of Light.  School wide fundraising initiatives are coordinated through student groups with the guidance and support of workshop facilitators.  Founders of Children of Light, Laura Pereira and Nicole Manteiga,  facilitate the workshops and have been working together in schools across York Region and Peel District since 2008.

Guest Speaking

Children of Light is available for guest speaking in both elementary and high schools. Our interactive presentations call for student involvement; they are designed to compliment school curriculum and are tailored to meet the needs of various groups.  Guest speakers aim to generate awareness on global issues such as childhood poverty, with special attention to our work in Gambo, Ethiopia.

*A minimum donation of $200 is required. Donations are used to support our Gambo, Ethiopia programs. Our workshop facilitators work on a voluntary basis. 

For more information about how to get your school involved, please visit our In School Fundraising page. You can also fill out an application for Children of Light to work with your school. Detailed information about workshop curriculum is available upon request, please contact us for more information. We look forward to working with your school.