The Community

CoL; ourteamcommunity
We are a community aiming to create positive social change in a creative, authentic and innovative way;
 we gather passionate people who are dedicated to servicing those affected by poverty. Graphic designers, photographers, communication specialists, event coordinators, caterers, artists, musicians and many others alike, dedicate their talents and passions to our cause on a volunteer basis. We thank our growing community for all their inspiration and support thus far.


The Administration Team

CoL; ourteamlauraLAURA PEREIRA

Laura was born in Toronto, Ontario, and is currently undertaking a double major in International Development and Professional Writing at York University. At a very young age she began questioning social inequalities, searching for the root of the problem, and creating ways to be part of the solution. Guided by the power of gratitude, Laura’s work is rooted in improving the lives of children globally.



PHONE: 416.919.0038



CoL; ourteamnicoleNICOLE MANTEIGA

Nicole was born in Toronto, Ontario, and is currently studying Environmental Politics at York University. Her inner child and playful spirit allows her to deeply connect with the children she works with – both internationally and locally. Nicole’s world vision of peace and unity calls her to service both humanity and the planet. Everyday, Nicole wholly offers herself as an instrument of change and transformation for a more peaceful world.



PHONE: 647.407.1457



CoL; ourteamritaRITA MORAIS

Rita was born in Trás-os-Montes, Portugal and is currently undertaking a PhD in Communication and Culture at Ryerson University where she is currently studying mobile media and the intersections of digital archives and narratives.  She became a part of Children of Light Charitable Organization in 2012, and has been inspired by altruism, and the power of community and the light of social justice.  It is with great excitement and dedication alike that Rita devotes her time, energy and resources to being the Executive Director of the organization.



PHONE: 416.305.7109


Gambo Consolata Missionary

CoL-ourteamconsolataWhile in Gambo, Children of Light works in partnership with Gambo Consolata Missionary, a permanently situated and fully integrated aspect of the local community. The mission is composed of an international team whose main purpose is to operate the Rural Gambo Hospital. Members from the Consolata Missionary include priests, doctors, nurses, surgeons and other professionals from abroad who work within the mission, both on location at the local hospital, and within the community.