Global Citizenship
Children of Light recognizes that we, as a community, share a common humanity with all citizens of the world. As active global citizens, we are aware of our role in the world and we share the responsibility of contributing to our community on both a local and global level.  Recognizing the interconnectivity of all living beings, we believe that every person should have the means to live free and healthy lives.

Service and Community
We believe in the value of working together for a cause greater than the sum of all our parts. As a community, we rely on the support of our volunteers, who share their energy and resources selflessly. Our organization is grounded in notions of service as our volunteers collaborate to create societal change.

Inspire Possibility
We are endlessly inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness of the individuals we collaborate with, both in Ethiopia and in Canada.  We are accordingly dedicated to inspiring others in channeling the creativity needed to generate positive social transformation. We believe in the possibility of a better world, and we are committed to making it real.

Awareness and Education
In order to respond to global issues, we must make a conscious effort to become educated about the complexities that surround global inequalities. Children of Light values becoming attentive, aware and attune to what is happening both locally and globally. We believe that education is one of the essential tools in facilitating societal change.

Back to Basics Activism
We are committed to taking action that assists in societal change; our activism keeps us grounded, as we aim to set realistic goals. We take a ‘back to basics’ approach when providing international support and responding to immediate and urgent needs. Our global programs are designed to provide families and children alike with the opportunity to feed, clothe, and educate themselves.

Commitment, Courage and Determination
Children of Light aims to build long term relationships with the communities that we work with. In spite of the many obstacles that we encounter in our work, Children of Light continuously returns to the values of courage and determination. We are motivated by the bravery and strength that we have witnessed in the children of Gambo, Ethiopia.

Transparency and Responsibility
As a charitable organization, we understand how important transparency and accountability is.  Our commitment to both our sponsors and beneficiaries is to use our funding ethically and responsibly, which encompasses but is not limited to keeping our administration costs as low as possible.