Our dream is to educate children, to build knowledge and create opportunity.

Children of Light strives to enable the youth of Gambo to participate more fully in their school and local community. We believe that if world poverty is to be minimized it is necessary to educate and empower children. Every summer volunteers from Canada work with the community of Gambo to assist in educating the children.

Education in Gambo, Ethiopia  

Gambo is a beautiful, rural village in the south of Ethiopia. In grade 10, students are required to pass an English proficiency exam in order to continue their studies. From this point on, all subjects are taught solely in English.  Local schools lack resources and teachers who are fluent in English, therefore students are often at a disadvantage in preparing for and passing exams.  As a result, any opportunity for an ongoing education ceases to exist.

Our Programs

As a means of ensuring students are amply prepared for the trials of their studies, which will inherently have a substantial effect on their ability to succeed later in life, Children of Light runs a free, comprehensive English program out of the local school.  Children of Light sends volunteers from Canada to teach in Gambo, Ethiopia during the months of July and August. Our curriculum provides the youth of Gambo with the opportunity to succeed academically, and lessen the burden of poverty.

The program, which encompasses roughly 200 students ranging from preschool to university, is open to students of every age group. The volunteers and educators who run the comprehensive program focus on enhancing the student’s writing, reading, and oral skills. Lessons range from grammar, reading comprehension, oral communication, and pronunciation. In addition to such, we also encompass extracurricular activities that include music and art classes.

Our teachers are committed to facilitating programs that provide the students of Gambo with an adequate English education.


The English program runs through the months of July and August and is open to students of every age group. Teachers focus on enhancing the student’s writing, reading, and oral skills. In the first week of July, teachers determine the most appropriate grade level for students to be taught and place them accordingly.

Morning classes primarily focus on grammar and reading comprehension, in aiming to prepare students for various national exams. In the afternoon, an interactive and engaging children’s program is offered for students ranging from preschool to grade four. Students are encouraged to participate as much as possible; lessons are focused on primary English skills such as the alphabet, numbers, colors, and basic vocabulary. The older students are introduced to elementary grammar, such as identifying nouns and verbs.

Giving the girls of Gambo an opportunity to focus, strive, and excel.

This program is specially designed for volunteers to work closely with young women between the ages of 10-18, who are often overloaded with other responsibilities and fall behind in their studies. The program offers the girls a comfortable environment to focus on their reading and writing skills.  This facilitates a place in which the girls are able to step away from their responsibilities, and experience a sense of empowerment through their studies.

Giving the youth of Gambo a way to express, create, and imagine.

Working  with a small group of students, music lessons are offered ranging from piano, guitar, and drums. Groups of students collaborate to write and play songs that are later shared with the community.  The visual arts program is a safe and fun space where children are able to express freely using various mediums.  Children are introduced to the basics of pencil drawing, painting, color mixing, pastel drawing, and sculpting.