Sept 2012-August 2013:

Sponsorship Program:

Our primary purpose is to lessen the burden of poverty for children globally. Children of Light provides financial assistance to families and students in Gambo, Ethiopia through our sponsorship programs.

ESL Summer Program:

In support of the ESL summer program, the organization purchases school and art supplies for  the program. This fund also helps to subsidize the cost of accommodations for our volunteers living in Gambo, keeping the program accessible.


Our administration costs include: printing, travel, phone, and office supplies.

Fundraising Expenses:

As a start-up organization, our primary source of funding has been raised through hosting special events. These special events have allowed us to develop a sense of community, building our support network for the future.


Going Forward: A Brighter Future

Our focus going forward is to reduce our fundraising costs to 15% and maintain our administration costs. We plan to increase funds raised from $39,500 to $50,000 by re-focusing our fundraising efforts on our in-school fundraising programs. Our Social Awareness and Leadership workshops empower students to create fundraising initiatives to support the students and families of Gambo, Ethiopia.

 CoL; financials