Where do the different funds go?

We have three funds that you may contribute to:

Family Fund
Families in Ethiopia struggle to meet the basic necessities of life. Many families do not have access to nutritious food, sustainable shelter, affordable health care, and accessible education. This fund is directed towards our family sponsorship program that we run in partnership with the Gambo Consolata Mission.

Educational Fund
Beginning in grade nine, students of Gambo must travel to a neighboring city to study. Students are expected to pay for housing, tuition, textbooks, and other basic needs. Our educational fund goes directly to sponsoring childhood education. Sponsoring a child for a year will assist in the purchasing of textbooks, rent, transportation, tuition, and other student fees.

General Fund
Children of Light has no paid staff, however we do have administration costs. This fund goes towards costs such as: printing, legal, travel and fundraising.  The general fund also supports the summer ESL program that we run in Gambo; donations are used to purchase school, art, and music supplies.


How does Children of Light distribute funds to the community of Gambo?

Children of Light is in partnership with Gambo Consolata Missionary. The Gambo Mission acts as an agent on behalf of Children of Light; the two organizations work together through an intermediary agreement that has been approved by the Canadian Revenue Agency. Within the agreement, Gambo Mission’s primary purpose is to distribute funds to families and students in Gambo.  The  agreement ensures that funds are distributed according to the specific instructions and directions of Children of Light.

The Gambo Mission operates the Gambo Rural Hospital and has a very strong presence in the community, providing support in various ways.  Every summer, founders Nicole Manteiga and Laura Pereira work together with the Gambo Mission to facilitate the student and family sponsorship program.


I have donated to the family and/or student fund. Will the full amount of my donation go towards one specific family and/or student?

100% of your donation will go towards supporting the people of Gambo, no amount of your funds will be used for administration costs. If the amount that you donated exceeds the amount needed for one family or student Children of Light guarantees that funds will be redirected to other families and students in need.


I have committed to sponsoring a student and/or family for the year, when will the family and/or student start receiving funds?

Children of Light has a list of student and families that we are currently sponsoring. Families and students on the list will receive your support within the first two months of your first donation.  Once the list has been fulfilled, we will need to select new students and families, this process can take up to three months.


When does Children of Light distribute tax receipts?

If you make a one-time donation you can expect a tax receipt within two business days. If you are on a recurring payment plan, tax receipts will be distributed by January 31st for the previous calendar year.

What is the minimum donation required in order to receive a tax receipt?

The minimum donation is $25.

Can I contact the family or student that I am sponsoring?

Not at the moment. Because Children of Light is a volunteer-based organization, our administration capacities are limited.

Where do most of our funds come from?

The majority of our funds are raised through special event fundraising, school donations, and personal donations.


How can I get my school involved?

See our In School Fundraising section and fill out an application to request Children of Light at your school. We love working within the community.