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Sponsor an Education

Beginning in grade 9 students of Gambo must travel to a neighbouring city to study. Students are expected to pay for housing, tuition, textbooks and other basic needs. Our Education Fund goes directly to sponsoring childhood education. Sponsoring a child for a year will assist in the purchasing of textbooks, rent, transportation, tuition, and other student fees. With your help we can create the groundwork needed to break the cycle of poverty.

Family Sponsorship

Families in Ethiopia struggle to meet the basic necessities of life. Many families do not have access to nutritious food, sustainable shelter, affordable health care and accessible education. This fund is directed towards our family sponsorship program that we run in partnership with the Gambo Mission. By sponsoring a family in Gambo, Ethiopia you can help people to live more fulfilled and free lives. You will help provide food, clothing, shelter and healthcare to our families.

General Donation

Our general fund goes towards the various projects and needs that we support. Children of Light has no paid staff, however we do have administration costs. A portion of this fund will go towards costs such as: printing, legal, travel and fundraising. We promise to direct your generous donation to the place it is needed the most.

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